Bob Cornelis Statement

Artist Statement
I spend much of my life surrounded by paper. My career as a fine art Master Printer dictates that there is a constant supply of it in my studio at all times. Over the years I have come to appreciate the beauty of this material, not merely as a vehicle for other artwork, but as an art object itself.

The combination of paper and light creates a self contained universe of line, plane, contour and shadow that portrays both grace and beauty. Carta I is a study of these inherent qualities in this simple, but sublime, material.

Process Statement
The CARTA I series is printed using the palladium process. The very long tonal range of this process is a perfect fit for the subtle gradients and dynamic range of this body of work. The ability of palladium to distinctly represent every step of value from pure white to pure black gives these prints a unique luminance and three dimensional quality.

The images are captured digitally and I then create a digital negative from the file. This digital negative is contact printed on hand coated Bergger Cot 320 paper by first exposing it in a UV box and then developing/clearing in traditional palladium chemistry.

The combination of 19th and 21st century technologies allows me to make the finest prints possible of this work.

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