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Publisher Direct Overview

The explosion in the number of photography books published each year has made it impossible for photo-eye to carry every important title published. Publisher Direct is a new service introduced by photo-eye whereby photographers and publishers can catalogue their books and include them in photo-eye's speciality photobook database.

Publisher Direct is limited to books that are important to photo-eye's art market and is by invitation only. Orders go directly to the photographer or publisher and photo-eye does not receive any part of the sale. A special Publisher Direct order button is placed on each book's citation page so they can be sold directly. When the purchase button is clicked, the buyer is taken to any outside page the publisher or photographer desires, usually an order, PayPal or more info page. Since no percentage of the sale is taken by photo-eye, there is an annual, nominal fee for each book included. You may also purchase a BookTease� of 10 page spreads for a one-time fee.

We'll announce your book(s) in our email newsletter which goes out to thousands of photobook lovers worldwide and if they are self-published, we'll include them in our upcoming Indie Books section of our website.

Submit a review copy or PDF of your book(s) to be considered for our Publisher Direct program.

Review copies should be sent to:
Publisher Direct
376 Garcia Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

PDFs of your books should be emailed as a link or an attachment to

We'll get back to you within one week of receipt of your book. If you would like your book back, you must pay return shipping. Please included a return UPS or FedEx tag including your shipper number or prepaid postage.

View our fee schedule for Publisher Direct.

If you have any questions about Publisher Direct please email us. We hope you enjoy Publisher Direct!